Mega Menu

Beautifully designed, easily editable mega menu element built on top of the native Cornerstone dropdown element. Includes a baseline tabindex which can be customized further as needed.
Mega Menu Image


All elements are built to be modular, they can be expounded upon and can be used on as many sites as you'd like. Happy building!

Prebuilt Layout

The mega menu dropdown design was built using the native dropdown element paired with a row and columns easily adjust width by adjusting row width.

Custom CSS

This element features some custom CSS already baked into the element CSS to enable the proper full width effect and pointer events.

Initial Aria Labels Set

This element has placeholder aria-label values set. Additional structure and markup can be refined by you. This can be found under the customize tab and should be adjusted based on your actual menu structure.

Fully Customizable

Use this design in full or as a baseline. All aspects of this element are fully customizable using both native features and CSS.