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About Building on WordPress

Building on WordPress is a growing passion project showcasing the endless potential of WordPress and the Cornerstone builder with the goal of keeping things simple.

WordPress Tutorials

From beginner tips and tricks to advanced customizations and everything in between. I'm a fan of WordPress and I think you should be too.

Cornerstone Tutorials

The Cornerstone builder is at the heart of everything I build. Sure, you can use the majority of the concepts found on this site with just about any (quality) builder out there but why not use the best?

Cornerstone Elements

One of the most powerful things about the Cornerstone builder is the ability to easily tap into element parameters to create custom native elements that can be imported into any site. So, I'm creating a library to showcase, share, and sell those elements.

Mini Tools

As a tinkerer I love building things that people might find useful, building them directly on WordPress with minimal code, and documenting those builds for you all on the channel. So, feel free to explore some of my mini tools.